New music from across the Atlantic

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Convivium Records, we're thrilled to release a recording of a brand new work by American Carson Cooman. 

A prolific composer, Cooman has written over one-thousand works, from small-scale anthems to full oratorios. The choir commissioned one of his first back in 2009, and are now recording his most recent piece. This oratorio sets the words of Euan Tait, and explores the humanistic element of change. We recorded this back in September 2020 with the London Mozart Players in sunny North London, one of our first major projects after a long break of not being able to meet and sing. 

It was so lovely to perform with orchestra once again, and was a fantastic introduction to life in the choir for our new choral scholars. The music has moments of real calm and beauty, as well as more frenzied passages. We really enjoyed learning it, and hope that you'll fall in love with it when you listen. You can support us by buying a copy.